1. Question: I have back pain after getting up in the morning...

no, never
yes, sometimes
regular or frequent
no information

2. Question: I am satisfied with my sleep...

yes, entirely
for the most part
less so
not at all
no information

3. Question: I feel unpleasant pressure areas when lying down...

in the neck area
in the shoulder area
in the pelvic area
in the lumbar area
not at all
no information

4. Question: If I stay away from home I sleep...

better than at home
just as good as at home
worse than at home
no information

5. Question: The wooden slats under my mattress...

have different curvatures and supporting force
have all the same curvatures and supporting force
no information

6. Question: The lateral mounting of wooden slats...

are partly deformed and fatigued
all look the same good
no information

7. Question: My mattress...

has a distinct body impression
is too soft for me
is too hard for me
is just right for me
no information

8. Question: My bed's inner life is...

older than 15 years
older than 10 years
older than 5 years
newer than 5 years
no information